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Resistance Tubing and Thigh Bands

Perfect for Full Body Toning and Firming

  • 5 Varying Strength Resistance Tubes, Color Coded
  • ​2 Handles, 2 Ankle Straps, 1 Door Strap
  • ​Perform 100's of Different Strength and Toning Exercises
  • ​Great for Toning and Firming Arms, Shoulder, Back and Legs
  • ​Easily attaches to Door 
  • ​Allergy Free NON-LATEX Material

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Great for Lower Body Toning and Firming

  • Soft Thick Fabric Resistance Band for Thigh Exercises
  • Non-Slip Surface Inside
  • ​Perfect for Toning and Firming Legs, Booty and Thighs
  • ​Easy to get on and off
  • No Velcro fasteners 
  • ​Machine Washable

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